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Being a Surrogate with SDSC

As a surrogate, you give the most extraordinary gift. When you help someone else build a family, you become an integral part of realizing a dream that is otherwise beyond their reach. We hope it will be one of the most fulfilling adventures of your life.

So what’s it like to be a surrogate? Every surrogate pregnancy experience is unique, but most surrogates report joy in sharing their pregnancy with the intended parents. Additionally, they express happiness and fulfillment in helping their intended parents’ dream become a reality.

Why do women decide to become surrogates? Every surrogate has her own answer to this question and they are extremely varied! For some, it’s because they know someone affected by infertility. For others, it’s because they feel strongly about helping a same-sex couple build a family. But one reason we hear over and over again is a strong desire to help intended parents drop the “intended” and become actual parents.

Whether you are just considering becoming a surrogate or you and your family have already decided to start a surrogacy journey, San Diego Surrogacy Center is here to be your advocate, resource and guide through the process.

Do I Qualify?

Eligibility & Requirements

The purpose of our screening is to protect the safety and health of you as a surrogate mother, as well as the baby. Essentially, this part consists of making sure that you are psychologically and physically ready to start this journey. Here’s a list of our general requirements:

  • Be a United States citizen or a legal resident
  • Be between the ages of 21 and 40
  • Having had one or more children of your own
  • No more than 2 c-sections during previous pregnancies
  • Having a BMI that is lower than 33
  • No record of smoking or illicit drug use
  • Being in a good mental and physical state
  • Consenting to a drug, criminal and psychological screening
  • Having a support system (a partner, friend or family member)

What Surrogates Say About Us

A Rewarding Journey

Compensation & Benefits

Our base compensation for first-time surrogates is $65,000.

Base compensation is paid for every month you are pregnant. You will also receive a monthly allowance to cover cost of travel and for childcare during IVF appointments). This is approximately $300 per month.

Surrogates also receive compensation for undergoing screening and for having the embryo transfer. Other benefits paid throughout the pregnancy include: monthly support group fee, maternity clothing allowance, fee for each doctor visit, fee for mileage and housekeeping allowance, totalling to around $30.000.

You will have the opportunity to meet up with other women participating in our program. Being able to be part of a solid surrogate support group is essential to making this process enjoying and positive. With our agency, you will get all the support you need as well as a competitive financial reward and benefits.

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